Commercial Trucks: Types And Uses

One of the most utilized and recommended vehicles in many industry sectors, such as the construction and mining one, are the commercial trucks. The commercial trucks are very impressive vehicles, classified in few categories, such as light duty, medium and heavy duty vehicles. Let’s explore their specific types of commercial trucks:

  • Trucks – The regular trucks are the most common used commercial trucks on the development sites.
  • Semi-Trailer Trucks – This is a perfect combo between a tractor unit and a semi trailer, utilized to move heavy loads and materials, mostly utilized in Australia.
  • Tow Trucks – These vehicles are also known as wreckers, recovery vehicles and breakdown trucks. They are mostly utilized in situation when there is an accident for moving disabled vehicles.
  • Flatbed Trucks – These vehicles do not have any roof or sides, just a flat bed, which means there is more space.
  • Box Trucks – These vehicles are mostly utilized to haul furniture, mostly when there is moving-in/out.