Livestock Trucks Buying Guide

Hauling livestock requires more than understanding of health and safety issues, hard work and willingness to help in handling animals, it requires special livestock trucks. When people think of livestock trucks, the usual idea they get about them is gigantic and smelly trucks driving down the road, full of livestock. Livestock trucks and trailers can be seen on Australian highways too often, since livestock is very important for the Australian economy in general.

Operating a livestock truck is different than driving a truck. You have the responsibility to assist with loading and unloading of the animals, and also to make sure that they are not overcrowded. Also, you need to always keep in mind the weather condition, because extremely hot or cold temperatures may seriously injure the animals you are transporting. Injured or dead livestock at delivery is not only inhuman, but it may hurt your business.

When buying livestock trucks for sale in Australia, there are few important things to consider in order to ensure that you will get value for your money. The first consideration is what type of trailer you need, which depends on the type and total weight of livestock you will be transporting. Also, consider if you will be traveling on highways with the livestock truck or on back roads.

Once you have considered these factors, make sure that your truck is designed to haul that trailer and if it is properly set up to handle the trailer. Check if the hitch, which needs to be securely attached to the livestock truck’s frame, is in good condition. If there’s no hitch, ask your supplier to add one to your livestock truck for increased safety, if possible.

If purchasing a used livestock truck or trailer, ask your seller for truck’s inspection history. In most countries, there are laws and regulations that require livestock trucks to be inspected on a yearly basis, just like all other vehicles. Check if the livestock truck has passed the most recent check-ups and if not, you will probably need to spend additional money on repairs to pass the inspection.

Before making your final decision, inspect the livestock truck thoroughly. Most livestock trucks for sale Australia have tires-related problems, so you should definitely check the tires if they have been poorly maintained. Also, check the lighting equipment (tail lights, blinkers and brake lights) on the truck if they are functioning properly. Then, check if everything else is working properly. Follow these guidelines and you will avoid any sort of bad experience with shopping livestock trucks.